EWC Team

Encounters with Canada has a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to making your EWC experience outstanding. We look forward to meeting you.

Director, Encounters with Canada
Val Amigo

Staff Talk

Robert "Bob" Meunier
Owner, Bob's Canteen
Daniela Mognon
Coordinator HR & Administration
Roger Lalonde
Facilities Manager
Jehad Nemeh
Weekday Cleaning Attendant
Monique Fortin
Laundry Attendant
Brianna Theoret
Recruitment Officer
Ben Rochon
Visitor Service Agent
Elizabeth St-Gelais
Visitor Service Agent
Nicole Bergeron
Visitor Services Supervisor
Connie Brock
Martin Bergeron
Senior Recruitment Officer
Gilles Laframboise
Consultant, Photography
Nakeya Francis
Program and Rental Coordinator
Sandy Simon
Network Administrator
Emily Deforge
Program Coordinator
Lizette Lafontaine
Visitor Service Agent
Gilles Larabie
Visitor Service Agent
Benjamin Hansi
First Cook
Moses Ziri
Kitchen Aide
Sabrina Marchand
Weekend Driver
Paul Carrière
Sophie Labelle
Transportation Officer-Bytown Travel
Christa Irakoze
Marketing & Communications Officer
Caroline Lu
Weeknight Program Officer
Andrew Etherington
Visitor Service Agent
Abdellah Naoui
Sophie Labelle
Manager of Transportation (Bytown Travel)
Katie Zwierzchowski
Weekend Program Officer
Georgette Ymele
Kitchen Aide