For Teachers

Every year, some 3,200 teens from across the country come to Encounters with Canada. By helping us promote our program in your school and community, you contribute to opening young minds, strengthening youth voices, inspiring leadership and presenting students with new and exciting educational opportunities.

It is important to note that the EWC program has undergone curriculum audits by provincial and territorial ministries of education across Canada. The program has consistently received glowing reviews and is considered a complement and enhancement to existing school curriculums.

Recommend your student

Students must obtain a signature from a school authority on their hard-copy registration forms, prior to sending them to EWC, indicating they have received permission to miss a week of class.

Organize a group

EWC welcomes groups. But to ensure a pan-Canadian representation of youth attending each week, careful planning is necessary. Please contact your EWC regional coordinator about your group. EWC will work with you to optimize the travel and programming experience for your students.

Promote EWC

Each year, EWC sends promotional packages to every high school across Canada. You could play a vital role in ensuring this information reaches your school administration, teachers and students. If you would like copies of EWC's promotional material for distribution or posting at your school, contact your EWC regional coordinator, or contact us directly!


Each year, more than 160 current and retired teachers from across the country spend a week or more in Ottawa, as teacher-monitors. You can too! Come share your talent and expertise; make a big difference in the lives of Canadian youth; unlock their minds; open up new possibilities; strengthen their voices; inspire leadership.

As a volunteer teacher-monitor you will…

  • Act as a host, facilitator, counsellor, friend and surrogate parent
  • Serve as an ambassador, sharing the unique characteristics and traits of your province/territory with fellow monitors and participants
  • Participate in incomparable professional development opportunities
  • Meet notable and accomplished Canadians
  • Experience teamwork at its very best

Find Out More

Join us – and leave with lifelong memories! Whether you are a guidance counsellor, teacher’s aide, school principal or vice principal, we are looking forward to working with you!

Transport and accommodation

Transportation costs to come to the Historica Canada Centre, from anywhere in Canada, are entirely free, thanks to Exchanges Canada, a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage.
You will stay at the Centre in fully equipped, private bedrooms. All meals are provided, and program activities and events are free of charge (city tours, museums, movies, plays, sporting events, etc.).

How to Apply

Use the following Access Code to register online on My Encounters. (Access Code: MON123). You will be contacted by EWC's Program Department, shortly thereafter.

Please only register once! My Encounters will save your information between each visit. If you have chosen a username and password as part of the registration process, do not enter your access code again, even if your registration is not complete or if you have registered for a previous school year. Simply log in using your username and password to access your information.

Register now!

For more details on how you can support EWC and make a difference, contact us!