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August 27, 2015

Ready, Set, Vote!

On 19 October, all Canadians of voting age will be called to the polls to choose their government for the next four years – a significant event!

Encounters with Canada wants to see how you are getting ready to vote!

How to participate

It's easy! Take a picture of yourself, demonstrating how you are getting ready to vote.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A picture of you holding your Voter Information Card
  • A calendar that has the date of October 19th marked with a big “X”
  • A picture proving that you are registered to vote (i.e., a selfie in front of the Elections Canada Online Voter Registration Service)
  • A picture of you with any other information tool created by Elections Canada.

Post your photo

  • Write a short description of the photo
  • Share your photo on EWC’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.
  • Make sure to use @EWC_RDC and the hashtag #readysetvote2015.

Pictures submitted will be available:

  • By searching the #readysetvote2015 or #avosmarquespretsvotez2015 hashtags.
  • On the EWC Facebook page, where all the pictures will be posted.

Get involved, be creative and have fun!

You have until October 19, 2015 to participate!