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November 15, 2019

My Encounters Experience. By: Chloe Hannan

This week I had the amazing opportunity to participate in an experience of a lifetime. Encounters with Canada is a program where students from all over Canada with similar interests gather together to learn career skills that you can carry with you into your adult years. I took part in the Media and Communications week because I plan to become a journalist when I graduate high school. I am currently in my grade 12 year and I come from a very small school in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, where there is not a lot of journalism courses offered. I traveled a great distance to be here and have gotten to see things that you could not see in a small town! This was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and get a taste of what a journalist may need to know.

Aside from touring Ottawa and visiting famous landmarks, we attended conferences, participated in workshops, and listened to many talented speakers on their knowledge. These experiences helped us to exercise our critical thinking and public speaking skills, as well as learning to work with others. Getting to interact with people from cultures different than yours is an amazing opportunity alone! When you begin your week at Encounters, the first thing they tell you is that we will make life-long friends - and it's true! I have gotten to know so many talented and intelligent young adults that I know I will keep in touch with for years to come.

I have enjoyed every single day this week and it is very difficult to pick only a few of my favorite parts. This week helped me to realize that being a journalist is definitely what I am called to be, and I learned so much about the career. We gained first-hand experience about the world of radio and television at the CBC studios in Montreal, and it is was a rewarding opportunity that I will never forget. I really enjoyed being at the Historica Canada Centre! There is always something fun to do and it allowed me to become close to the other students there. Even the food was delicious! This experience also thought me more about politics and how our government system works, which I really enjoyed.

The new sights, the great friends, and important life skills are only a few of the many reasons to come to Encounters with Canada. Our teachers and helpers this week have had a huge impact on our lives and we have learned so much from them. We appreciate all of the hard work they did for us this week! If you are thinking about being a part of Encounters with Canada, I would 100% tell you to go for it. I never realized how life changing this would be for me and I will forever be grateful that I had this opportunity. Thank you Encounters!