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January 27, 1985

Dr. David Suzuki speaks to Science & Technology participants at Carleton University

Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki spoke to Science & Technology participants at Carleton University. A professor of genetics at the University of British Columbia (1963-2001), Dr. Suzuki is best known as host of the popular and long-running CBC Television science program The Nature of Things, seen in over 40 countries. His 1985 CBC special, A Planet for the Taking, was one of the most watched shows in CBC history, science or otherwise, and was awarded the Environment Programme medal by the United Nations. Dr. Suzuki received many prestigious awards over the years, including being named as an Officer of the Order of Canada (1977) and a Companion of the Order of Canada (2006). In 2004, David Suzuki ranked fifth among CBC Television viewers selecting The Greatest Canadian of all time.