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November 26, 2018

Farewell to Linda Brunet

- A message from Anthony Wilson Smith, President and CEO of Historica Canada -

With mixed emotions, I am announcing that Linda Brunet will retire from her position as Director-General of Encounters With Canada. Her formal departure date is March 31, 2019.

For 21 years, Mme. Brunet has overseen one of our country's longest-enduring and most successful programs aimed at bringing together - in both official languages - youth from across the country.

She joined the program in her present role in 1997, at a time when it was run by the federally funded Council for Canadian Unity. When the federal government disbanded the Council in 2005 and transferred control to our organization, she successfully managed its transition to the present model, which is funded by a mix of government and private sector engagement.

At the same time, her recruitment efforts on behalf of the program have taken her to all of Canada's provinces as well as our territories.

I think we all agree, however, that her greatest accomplishment and legacy is that she has
overseen visits by more than 60,000 young Canadians lasting in duration a week at a time. She has continually made herself available at all hours to deal with problems and challenges both big and small. To many, she has been known simply as 'Mum'. We continue to hear from many alumni of the program - some of them decades later - as to the positive and formative influence that their time at Encounters has had on their lives.

Mme. Brunet will remain active in her role while we begin the search for her successor. I will provide further details in future as to that process. Today, however, we focus on Linda and extend our best wishes.

Anthony Wilson-Smith