Encounters with Canada has a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to making your EWC experience outstanding. We look forward to meeting you.

Director General
Linda Brunet
“What could be more enriching than to work in an environment where we celebrate Canadian values, are surrounded by exceptional volunteers, and strive for the development of our future leaders? I encourage Canadian youth to find their unique place, as it is the source of great fulfillment. I've had the immense pleasure of leading this exceptional program since 1999, and I'm as passionate today as I was on day one.”

Staff Talk

Francine Jobin
Program Director
Marie Geoffroy
Director of Recruitment & Transportation
Jasmine Ouellette
Director of Communications, Web and New Media
Judy Gill
Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Daniela Mognon
Administrative Support Officer
Kathleen Simard
Centre Rental & Special Events Coordinator
EWC mascot & ball retriever extraordinaire
Shanna Morin
Evening Program Officer
Jean Thériault
Executive Chef
Connie Brock
Roger Lalonde
Director of Facilities Management
Chantal Villeneuve
Program Coordinator
André Ethier
Visitor Service Supervisor
Elie Kreidi
Network Administrator
Elizabeth St-Gelais
Visitor Service Agent
Ben Rochon
Visitor Service Agent
Charles MacLean
Bytown Travel, Transportation Manager
Robert "Bob" Meunier
Owner, Bob's Canteen
Brianna Theoret
Recruitment Officer
Andrew Parlowe
Senior Accountant
Raphaël Guillemette
Kitchen Aide
Monique Fortin
Laundry Attendant
Candace Bezoine
Alumni Officer
Jehad Nemeh
Weekday Cleaning Attendant
Alexandre Cléroux
Laurie Ethier
Weekend Driver
Clare Baxter
Program Coordinator
Nicole Bergeron
Visitor Service Agent
Larry Rochon
Weekend Guide
Gilles Larabie
Visitor Service Agent
Martin Bergeron
Senior Recruitment Officer
Jean-François Madore Racine
Gilles Laframboise
Line Deschatelets
Weekend Driver
Tylus Rochon
Weekend Guide
Isabelle Derny
Transportation Officer
Valérie Côté
Weekend Program Officer
Lisette Lebeau
Weekend Guide
Ryan Peters
First Cook