Our Team

Encounters with Canada has a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to making the EWC experience outstanding! Our team strives to make your EWC experience fun, safe, distinctive, informative and delicious! (Yes, even delicious!) EWC's team consists of educators, youth professionals, volunteers, highly trained security personnel, marketing and communications experts, medical staff, a travel agency, maintenance staff and professional chefs. We all believe in EWC, and are delighted to be part of this program! Our staff is joined every week by dedicated teacher-monitors from across Canada and energetic workshop facilitators/speakers. We're all here for YOU!

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Director General

Just call her Mom! Our Director General is “all knowing and all seeing” at EWC, ensures the quality of the EWC legacy, and yet she still finds time to serve soup to our young participants.

Linda Brunet

Director General

"What could be more enriching than to work in an environment where we celebrate Canadian values, are surrounded by exceptional volunteers, and strive for the development of our future leaders? Together, we seek to better understand. I encourage Canadian youth to find their unique place, as it is the source of great fulfillment. I've had the immense pleasure of leading this exceptional program since 1999, and I'm as passionate today as I was on day one."


It is no exaggeration to say that this Centre would come to a screeching halt without this team. Often the “face” of EWC, they field endless questions, put out fires (no, not literally), specialize in the impossible and keep the rest of us in check.

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Terry Fox Centre rentals:

Kathleen Simard

Administrative & Centre Rental Coordinator

Daniela Mognon

Administrative Support Officer

Elie Kreidi

Network Administrator

Andrew Parlowe

Accounting Assistant

Farah Mohamed

Computer Technician


We create the EWC experience! This team works with volunteer teacher-monitors - over 300 Canadian speakers, facilitators and experts annually, as well as representatives from Ottawa venues - to ensure our youth have an exceptional week with us!

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Francine Jobin

Program Director

"I am very pleased to be a part of the Encounters with Canada team. Having teens of my own, I know how important it is to give them a voice - and this is what this program delivers. I am looking forward to meeting you all!"

Chantal Villeneuve

Program Coordinator

Stephanie Hagarty

Program Coordinator

Michael Hutchinson Cox

Daytime Programming Officer

Shanna Morin

Evening Program Officer

Hajar Lakhdar

Weekend Program Officer

Connie Brock


"For a nurse, it is great to work with healthy enthusiastic teens. There are some bumps, bruises or colds, but it's wonderful to meet the future leaders form all parts of Canada, and help them enjoy this awesome adventure that is Encounters with Canada."

Recruitment & Transportation

Whether you’re comin’ or goin’…we’re here for you! This team works with EWC’s regional coordinators and presidents from across Canada to spread the word, build enthusiasm, get over 3000 youth registered from all provinces and territories annually, and coordinate their travel plans to and from the Centre. 

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Marie Geoffroy

Director of Recruitment & Transportation

Brianna Theoret

Recruitment Officer

Caitlin Davies

Recruitment Officer

Laurie Ethier

Weekend Driver

Larry Rochon

Weekend Guide

"As a long-time (over 20 years of service at the Centre) as well as reliable and devoted member of the Encounters' team, I have missed only three days of work during that time span. I am a team leader on Sundays and a vocal advocate of the EWC program."

Tylus Rochon

Weekend Guide

Charles MacLean

Bytown Travel, Transportation Coordinator

Pam Chenier

Bytown Travel, Transportation Officer & Weekend Guide

Communications & Special Events

This team works to capture the EWC experience and our diverse youth voices on camera, in articles, on video and online.

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Jasmine Ouellette

Director of Communications & Special Events

Alumni Relations

What happens after you leave the Centre? Never fear - the alumni is here. You can search or contact your old buddies, form groups, hold reunions, post photos, catch up on Centre and alumni news. Please join our alumni association. We're here for you!

Please telephone or email us at:

Judy Gill

Director of Development & Alumni Relations

"As an educator for 36 years, I came out of retirement to join the incredible Encounters with Canada team. I am an avid believer in its mission of reinforcing Canadian values and institutions with our youth, developing our country's future leaders and assisting students in making their future career choices. I welcome the opportunity to work with all who make this possible - EWC staff, alumni, volunteers and supporters, educators from across the country - and most particularly, our young participants."

Candace Bezoine

Alumni Officer

“I am very pleased to be part of the EWC team. I recognize the particular importance of our alumni community, and thus, I am enthusiastic to be involved with them and the activities of the alumni department.”


We know the way to your heart! Our in-house chef and kitchen staff tantalize our participants' taste buds with hearty, nutritious and delectable dishes. This team also works to create special menus for youth with dietary restrictions and allergies.

Jean Thériault

Executive Chef

"Cooking is my passion. My view of the work has completely changed since I started here two years ago. The food must not only be nutritious, but also simple and to the youth's tastes. As I take their health to heart, I try to ensure they develop proper eating habits during their stay. It's a lifestyle that I hope they maintain, as these youth are the future."

Alexandre Cléroux


Raphael Guillemette

Kitchen Aid

Romulus Olivier

Kitchen Aid

George Raymond

Kitchen Aid

Ryan Peters

Kitchen Aid

Visitor Services

On alert 24/7! This professional and highly trained team works to ensure the uncompromised safety and well-being of all participants, volunteers and staff at the Centre. Telephone.

André Ethier

Visitor Service Supervisor

Ben Rochon

Visitor Service Agent

“I have been working at Encounters with Canada since 1998, first as a weekend driver and now as a member of the security team. What I like most is seeing the participants have a great time while in Ottawa, and the camaraderie they share with the Encounters' staff."

Elizabeth St-Gelais

Visitor Service Agent

"I have been at Encounters for over 5 years now. It is always a great pleasure to meet the new group of participants staying here for a week, to see the familiar faces of returning teacher-Monitors and to welcome the new ones."

Nicole Bergeron

Visitor Service Agent

Gilles Larabie

Visitor Service Agent

Facilities Management

Mike Holmes has nothing on us! This team keeps the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre's grounds and facilities beautiful, welcoming and in tip-top shape for all who visit.

Roger Lalonde

Director of Facilities Management

"I've been working at the Centre since 1998. I consider myself lucky to be afforded the opportunity to meet and engage with a multitude of young Canadians coming from the four corners of our nation."

Michel (Michou) Tanguay

Weekday Cleaning Attendant

"I have been here since the very beginning of the EWC program. I've seen so many youth pass through in the last 30 years...they could fill an arena! Their messes don't scare me...they keep me employed!"

Monique Fortin

Laundry Attendant

Bob’s Canteen

Always a crowd favourite, Bob's Canteen is a truly magical space, where participants can purchase all of life's toothpaste, for instance. Who are we kidding? We mean chocolate!

Robert “Bob” Meunier


"My name is Bob and I've got the best job at Encounters with Canada! I feel privileged to be able to hang out with the students each day, share some laughs and listen to their stories. I run the little shop that carries my name!" 

Join Bob’s Fan Club – Register for the EWC Alumni Community.